We Take Online Security Seriously!

Your Data Encrypted
The information you provide to us is always encrypted, both in transit and when it is stored! We use the industry's strongest levels of encryption, so your data is always secure.

Secure Systems
Our systems are rigorously scanned by independent third parties to discover and alert us to known exploits. If any exploits are discovered, we quickly patch them to ensure our systems stay secure.

Money Manager
Your connected online bank accounts are read only, meaning no one can transfer money or pay bills using your accounts.

Credit Card Information
We are level 1 compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standard (PCI DSS) and this is verified by an independent 3rd party which has been certified by Visa and MasterCard to perform such audits.

What You Can Do?

Your personal responsibilities include keeping your online password, account numbers, personal identification and other account data confidential. CreditMonitoring cannot be responsible for customer errors or negligent use of the service and will not cover losses due to:

  • Misuse of the service.
  • Negligent handling or sharing of password leadin ession - click "log out" to end your session.
  • Failure to report known incidents of unauthorized account access within 2 business days.